Booting from µSD card using uBoot on BeagleBone Black Rev.`C?

Aug 30, 2014 at 6:21 PM
Hi Folks,
I got the brand new BeagleBone Black Rev. C and tried to place the Windows Embedded Compact 7 stuff to the µSD card, so the pre-installed Linux wouldn't be effected. uBoot tries to first boot from mmc0, then mmc1 and in the end from NAND flash - so far with theory.
I found a web page describing how to set up uEnv.txt (for uBoot) in order to load EBOOT via uBoot - but it ends up in a crash with repeated booting.

uenvcmd=mmc dev 0 && mmc rescan && mmc read 10042000 a 400 && go 10042000

mmc device 0 is the µSD card, mmc device 1 the pre-installed Linux.

Has anyone tried to boot Windows Embedded Compact 7 using uBoot?

Thanks in advance.