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Can't install WINCE7 - BeagleBone WEC7 SDK under VS2013


I have VS2013 install but I'm not able to load WINCE7 - BeagleBone WEC7 SDK under VS2013 without the following errors:

1) On initial launch the error "Microsoft Visual Studios 2008 service pack 1 or later is not installed on this work station, and is required to use this SDK for application development. ..."

It allows me to continue, but when it reaches the end, I get another pop-up that reads

2)"ToolsMsmCA(Error): Visual Studios 2005 Smart Device Programmability not installed properly. Please install Visual Studios 2005: CreateInstance(CDeviceSDKInstallShim{ ... }".

When the popup is closed, it uninstalls the SDK.

I'm unable to install either service pack.

Is there a fix / work around / version compatible with VS2013 for this SDK?



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dvescovi wrote Aug 6, 2015 at 3:50 AM

This is because VS2008 is required for WEC7 application support.

VS2013 is for WEC2013 application support.

WEC7 development is not supported on VS2013 and SDK's for for WEC7 devices will not install under VS2013. (Microsofts decesion ..not mine).