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Can't boot from SD card on BBB rev C



I tried to boot, from SD card, on a new BBB rev C (freshly acquired this morning), with both WCE 7 and WCE 2013 from this project. None of them worked.
The board is apparently not faulty, the provided OS works and I managed to load a debian image from the SD card.

I tried multiple methods:

First, I tried the TI utility provided with the files. The SD card was formated to FAT32 with 4096 ko allocation unit ( also tried other sizes). After the software copied the 3 files on the card. I put the SD card in the unpowered board, keep pressing the boot button and plug the power cord in the board. Nothing happens on the status leds no matter what time I wait. The only LED that is on is the power LED near the power jack.

Secondly, I try formating the SD card with the TI utility, but I copy manually the required files. After the format phase, i copy the MLO file first, then the ebootSD.nb0 and NK.bin.

As previously said, none of those methods works.

My system is a laptop with Windows 8.1 and a built in SD card reader. I take care of putting the TI utility in administrative mode. I also tried using the compatibility mode set on Windows XP sp3.

Could a hardware change of the REV C board be responsible for this ? Or do I do something wrong ?


dvescovi wrote Oct 7, 2015 at 1:23 AM

You should use the HP format utility (included) as it sets the required active partition etc. needed to boot from the card. The TI utility does not always work. After formatted copy MLO and then copy the other files.